Kathy Baker
Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist

Telephone: 020 8946 3957
Email: kathy@wimbledonspychotherapy.co.uk

I trained as a psychoanalytical psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies. Alongside this I obtained a Masters Degree in psychoanalytical psychotherapy awarded by London Metropolitan University. I qualified and graduated in 2000.

I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P.)

I offer:

● Short term psychotherapy
● Open-ended longer term psychotherapy
● Work consultancy


What is Psychotherapy and who can benefit?

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to talk to a therapist in confidence about emotional difficulties.

In psychoanalytical psychotherapy we believe that we are affected by experiences in childhood and growing up and that it is helpful to understand links between the past and the present. Often we repeat patterns of behaviour in relationships that are not emotionally fulfilling and that we do not understand. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help you understand these patterns and give you a chance to think about how they may be changed.

Sometimes feelings like anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, a sense of loss and bereavement can be overwhelming. Feelings of dissatisfaction with life and general unhappiness can cause great distress. Psychotherapy can provide a safe place to talk about and explore these feelings.

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What is Work Consultancy?

Sometimes work is not as satisfying as you would like it to be.
Perhaps you are unsure about whether you are following the right career path.
Maybe difficult work relationships and dynamics are getting in the way of you working to your potential.

Using psychoanalytic and organisational theory approaches that I learnt on the Advanced Consultancy course at the Tavistock Clinic we can explore these sorts of issues over an agreed number of sessions.

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